Medicaid Attestation Update

PI Attestation- March 31, 2021

Representative Period for 2020 Attestations:

  • Option 1 - 3-month period from the prior calendar year (This will allow a provider to attest to any 3-month period from calendar year 2019 if attesting to PY 2020)
  • Option 2 - 3-month period from the 12 months prior to the date of submission. (This option is based off of the date of submission so the period in which the provider can use will change based on the day he/she attests). As an additional note, the date range the provider uses for the representative period must start on the first day of the month.

(Providers may not use the same representative period used on a previous attestation)

Documents required for Medicaid PI Attestations.

As in the past, you will be required to upload documentation to the SLR. The new link to access Alabama’s MU State Level Registry is Below is a list of documents that we suggest on uploading when attesting.

Required Documentation Uploads for Eligible Professions:

  • Required by Alabama Medicaid
  • Suggested by MMCS to also be uploaded

These are the items required to attest for Medicaid Meaningful Use.

All documents must be in PDF, Word or Excel format - these are the only formats the SLR will accept for upload.

Once you have this checklist complete and all documents saved in your "MU 2020" file (electronically on your computer desktop), we can schedule your attestation appointment. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

  • check EHR Generated Representative Period report ("Voume Report")
  • check Provider Workbook
  • check EHR Vendor letter for 2020 (each Provider)
  • check ADPH Immunization Registry Letter for 2020 (each Provider)
  • check Documentation of any Specialized Registry Letters for 2020 (i.e., ADPH Cancer Registry, eCR and PDMP)
  • check Meaningful Use Objectives/Measures Dashboard Report (each Provider)
  • check Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Report
  • check Screen Prints
    • Drup-Drup/Drug-Allergy Alert
    • Drug Formulary Check (must be done on a real patient)
    • All 5 Clinical Decision Support rules
  • check Secure Risk Analysis Form
  • check Nurse Practitioner Collabrotive agreement (if applicable)

*Please note if EP practices in an FQHC and must utilize their needy patient encounters to meet the 30% patient volume threshold, the submission of a Certified letter from CMS supporting that the practice is an FQHC is required for attestation*