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Maygan Jones of Management and Medical Consulting Services has completed her certification as a PCMH Certified Content Expert with NCQA effective 12/14/20! Whether your practice is looking to maintain your current PCMH recognition status or preparing for the new 2017 PCMH model, Maygan Jones is ready to use her extensive PCMH knowledge and experience to guide your practice through this transition. Congratulations Maygan!!

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Will End May 11, 2023

For more information about the transition click here.

MIPS 2024 and Beyond…

The PHE-related EUC will not be in place for 2024 – this means all eiligible providers will be required to report. If you have claimed hardship exemptions for the last several years, then you need to contact your EHR vendors to ensure that you can still monitor and pull reports. Familiarize yourself or contact us for MIPS reporting instructions. Start now monitoring your progress for 2023 and determine if you will need to make any workflow changes in your practices to meet the objectives. Keep an eye out for the final rule at the end of 2023 for 2024.

Traditional MIPS is expected to sunset with the 2027 reporting year. MIPS Value Pathways (MVPS) become mandatory way to continue in the MIPS Incentive Payment Program in 2028.

There is a lot of new information regarding this program, therefore, if you need assistance, please contact us for help.


CMS has updated and streamlined systems to better serve you. Previously, users created an account and requested access to organizations for the Quality Payment Program through the Enterprise Identity Data Management (EIDM) System.

Beginning in December 2018, new users who want to sign in to will create their account in the HCQIS Access Roles and Profile (HARP) system, and all users will request and manage access to organizations by signing in to

What If I Already Have an EIDM Account?

If you have an EIDM account with one of the PV/PQRS roles that lets you sign in to, we created a HARP account for you, keeping your EIDM User ID and password.

You will still be able to sign in to with your EIDM User ID and password and will have access to the same organizations.

Moving forward, you will manage your User ID and password in HARP, and your access to these organizations through

  • If you’ve forgotten or need to reset your password, you’ll do this in HARP, using a link on the Sign In page on
  • If you need authorization to access a different organization, you’ll do this by signing in to
  • If you’re a Security Official for your organization, you’ll approve requests for access from new users by signing in to

For more information you can download this zip file with 5 documents.

Services Offered

Promoting Interoperability, EHR implementation, PCMH consulting, MACRA/MIPS, EHR worflow redesign, AAPC certified coding instruction, Privacy & Security risk analysis, NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program Assistance, and Blue Cross Blue Sheild Select Program consulting.

about us

Management & Medical Consulting Services, LLC (MMCS) was founded in 2010 to meet the demand for technical assistance services in Alabama by small to medium size medical providers striving to comply with the 2010 new Meaningful Use-MU (now known as Promoting Interoperability PI) requirements and the incentive opportunities funded nationwide through the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC). The initial activity in this effort was as a Subrecipient in the ONC Regional Extension Center grant project from 2010 to 2016. During this time, MMCS worked with over 600 providers to meet PI requirements (MU) and successfully attest for a significant amount of incentive payments they qualified for. MMCS has been a consistent over achiever in fulfilling its duties and today still works with clients developed many years ago. Today MMCS contracts with Alabama Medicaid to provide PI technical assistance and quality reporting services to Medicaid providers across Alabama.

MMCS personnel all have clinical backgrounds in either administration, billing, nursing or management prior to the offering of the consulting services enabling us to bring a high level of understanding of the client’s business to the client. Each employee has personal experience in the EHR adoption process. We provide services onsite with a personal touch which is a significant key to our success

MMCS provides not only Quality Payment Program help but we also provide Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) clinical certification services and NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program Assistance.

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We provide many services for our clients. Some of our offers include CPC training, Medical billing & accounts, Clinical operations, Chart auditing, and Promoting Interoperability.

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